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Complete and submit this online form to begin the process of applying to Concordia. If you encounter difficulty, please email . Please note: By law, Concordia may only accept students with a valid non-PRC passport or an “official letter of approval to attend Concordia” from the Shanghai Education Commission.

Additional Information

An informed decision to accept a student at Concordia depends on complete and accurate information. A student’s ability to succeed at Concordia may be adversely affected by factors unknown to us. Failure to provide information during the application process may result in Concordia being unable to fulfill its educational commitment to you and your child and may result in a reversal of an admission decision for an already enrolled student.

Learning Diagnostic Reports (if any)

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Within School Academic/Behavioral/Emotional Support Documentation
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Transportation (School Bus)

The Shanghai Education Commission policies require that every International School student live in Shanghai with at least one parent. By signing and submitting this application, I confirm that I and/or my spouse will live in Shanghai, and this student will reside in Shanghai with me and/or my spouse. (Please note that Legal guardians will be decided on a case-by-case basis.) My child will have legal China residency status, and I and/or my spouse will provide copies of our residence permits, including the student’s, no later than one month after the first day my child attends class at Concordia. Should I/we be unable to provide proof of legal residence, Concordia reserves the right to ask my child to leave school, and all tuition/fees paid will be forfeited.

As part of community life at Concordia, students, teachers and parents are often filmed and photographed as they participate in activities and events around campus. Students also produce significant creative pieces (artwork, writings, video, etc.) as part of their Concordia experience. Some of these images, videos, and creative pieces will be used in both internal and external school publications, in social media outlets or on the school’s website. By signing and submitting this application, I explicitly accept that the school may use photos, videos, and creative pieces of my student and photos and videos of myself and/or my spouse taken while participating in school activities in this manner, whether captured by faculty or student. However, I understand that I will be contacted to give explicit permission should the Marketing Department wish to include my student as the feature model in an advertising campaign.

Concordia provides Handbooks for ES, MS, & HS to communicate requirements and responsibilities. To be eligible to attend Concordia each student and parent must indicate that they understand and agree to abide by the terms laid out in the Handbook. The handbooks are available for viewing and/or download from the Concordia website:

By signing and submitting this application, I acknowledge that I understand and agree to abide by all requirements outlined in the Student Handbook. (Students will be required to indicate understanding and agreement through a separate process during the first weeks of school.)

In the Internet-connected world of today, individuals often need numerous online accounts. Some of the accounts deemed necessary for learning at Concordia are not under the direct control of Concordia and so we believe it necessary to gain parent permission for a student to sign up for those accounts. By signing and submitting this application, I give permission for my student to register for any account needed for learning at Concordia and agree to work with Concordia as needed to set up such accounts. I furthermore agree to work with Concordia to monitor my student’s use of such accounts.

By signing and submitting this application, I grant Concordia International School Shanghai express permission to collect school records and related information and/or follow-up with any and all previously attended schools listed on this form for this applicant.